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3-Day Lecture at Technical University Dresden (Germany)
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Join Prof. Klippel and his team and attend the 2017 lecture on
"Sound Quality of Audio Systems"  13.-15.03.2017
Key Topics this year
  • Comprehensive Assessment of audio systems
  • Physical measurement and perceptual evaluation
  • Root cause analysis of signal distortion
  • Designing green speakers - providing more output with higher efficiency and lower cost
  • Active control of electro-acoustical transducers 
  • Measurement of the nonlinear mechanical damping
  • Air nonlinearities in leaky boxes
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Measurement of smart-phones
  • Active stabilization of voice coil rest position 
  • Loudspeaker Control - Theory and practical applications
  • How to measure distortion and other symptoms?
  • Holographic measurement of 3D sound pressure output
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KLIPPEL Seminar in Shenzhen (PR China)

"Understanding the Mechanical Vibration of Loudspeakers and Headphones   
beyond the piston mode"

28.02.2017 (half day) - attendance free of charge

The loudspeaker cone interfaces the mechanical vibration with the acoustic field affecting the performance and sound quality of loudspeaker drivers dramatically. Most of the efforts done to improve the quality and efficiency of the transducers is related to the fundamental mode (pistonic motion) and less efforts are done to cultivate and design the higher order modes (deformation of the cone) with desired characteristics to get the optimal performance of the transducer. Read more...
We are also at:

ProLight&Sound Frankfurt 
AES Berlin

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