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Seminar Invitation
Loudspeaker Design for Smart Systems -
Modeling, Measurement & Control

Wolfgang Klippel will be presenting a  seminar on loudspeaker design on January 11th and 12th, 2018 at the Harman Northridge Experience Centre, Northridge, USA.

Digital signal processing used in active loudspeaker systems creates new degrees of freedom in the design of the electro-acoustical transducer to increase the efficiency and maximum output while decreasing size, weight and cost. Adaptive nonlinear control can compensate actively for loudspeaker nonlinearities and protect the transducer from mechanical and thermal overload. The seminar presents the theoretical basis for understanding the transducer in the small and large signal domain considering the modal vibration, the dominant nonlinearities inherent in loudspeakers and the heating process. 


We are also at:
ALMA 2018 - Presentations and Exhibition
3-day Lecture "Sound Quality of Audio Systems" March 2018 in Dresden, Germany

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