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  How does your speaker sound in a room?

The way loudspeakers interact with their acoustical environment is highly dependent on the directivity and has a direct effect on the listening experience. From the point of view of a speaker designer, there are endless choices to make a loudspeaker very directive or omnidirectional, starting from cone materials, system design, to active control using digital signal processing.

However, doing accurate acoustical measurement in 3D is still a challenge. To learn more about directivity measurements see E-Learning Training 8, which illustrates both traditional far field measurements as well as state of the art holographic measurement techniques.
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AES Fall Online 2021

Our workshop “Loudspeaker Work-Bench Measurements” by Simon Steiner and Wolfgang Klippel will be available on the AES Fall Online 2021 event. The streamcast will take place from October 20-23, 2021!
If you're interested on the work of the AES Technical Committee on Automotive Audio please watch the discussion about the white paper of "In-car Acoustic Measurements" by Jayant Datta, Steve Temme, Hans Lahti and our engineer Stefan Irrgang.
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