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  Update dB-Lab 212.116 - QC 7.1

A minor software update is now available for both R&D and QC applications of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System. It is free of charge for any users of dB-Lab major version 212 or QC 7. Main features of this updates are ... 
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Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON & QC MTD) - Major Revision
Audio testing using music-like multi-tone signals is a smart approach to rate and evaluate the overall output performance (max. SPL, distortion, compression) of transducers and audio systems in both development and quality control. The two sister modules for R&D (MTON) and EoL testing (QC MTD) have been updated with superior, relative distortion metrics (IEC compliant) for simplified interpretation, comparability and benchmarking. 
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Near Field Scanning Software 
We optimized the half-space measurement applications on the Carousel (NFS) and Workbench hardware. Now it' s even easier to perform asynchronous testing for half-space measurements (e.g. Bluetooth®). 
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Poly2SCN Interface
An updated version of our Poly2SCN module is now available. Rate your acoustic performance from external vibration measurements by analyzing the sensitivity at a single point, the sound power response or the directivity characteristics.
For more information, see our updated version of the "What's New" briefing sheet!

  New Application Note

AN 68 Importing Polytec Data into SCN 
Measurements performed with Scanning Vibrometers are the basis for loudspeaker cone vibration and radiation analysis. Utilizing the decomposition techniques available in the Klippel SCN software provides valuable diagnostics of the loudspeaker behavior in an intuitive and streamlined interface. 
Our updated version of AN 68 describes the intergration of 2D or 3D vibration and geometry data from Polytec scanning systems into Klippel SCN Software files by  using the Poly2SCN Interface
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  More KLIPPEL News ...

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Virtual Lecture 2022

You are invited to join us for the Virtual Lecture 2022 - a condensed form of the annual lecture "Sound Quality of Audio Systems" presents by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel. >> Read More
More information on our website!
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AES Fall Online 2021

Visit AES website for the on-demand replays of AES Fall Online 2021 convention papers, e-brief presentations and live-streamed program content, available through December 3rd, 2021!
Our workshops are aslo available - Join the content!
  • Loudspeaker Workbench Measurement by Simon Steiner and Wolfgang Klippel
  • In-car Acoustic Measurements by Jayant Datta, Steve Temme, Hans Lathi and our engineer Stefan Irragng 
Joint the on-demand replays!
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