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  Do you know the unique distortion finger print
  of your speaker? 

Audio testing using music-like multi-tone signals is a smart approach to rate and evaluate the overall output performance (max. SPL, distortion, compression) of transducers and audio systems in both development and quality control. 
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The sparse spectrum of the multi-tone stimulus provides real-life broad band excitation and at the same time makes it possible to separate fundamental components from distortion and noise components easily. Therefore, both the fundamental frequency response as well as comprehensive audio signal distortion characteristics of the audio device can be extracted. This measured distortion includes both harmonics as well intermodulations and can be thought of as a unique distortion “finger print” of your speaker.
Identify the unique distortion finger print of your loudspeaker and much more by trying out the testing capabilities of our multi-tone measurement sister modules MTON for R&D applications and QC MTD for end-of-line testing. 

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Prolight & Sound Guangzhou 

Our distributor Pana Sound is representing us at the 20th anniversary edition of Prolight & Sound 2022.
Stop by and talk to our distribution partner. You can find us at booth 5.2.A25 and join the product demonstration.

➥ More information on our website.
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IEC 1906 Award

Congratulations to our founder Dr. Wolfgang Klippel for receiving the IEC 1906 Award! 

Wolfgang was awarded in recognition for his role in leading the preparation of IEC 60268-21 and IEC 60268-22, which are major contributions to the standardization of measurements and rating of electroacoustic transducers and audio systems. Many of the innovations in the suggested new methods are based on his own research.
Practical information about the IEC Standard 60268-21 can be found on our website or in our 15 part web-seminar series Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21.

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Are you interested in measuring and designing flat panel loudspeakers? 

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